Masterclass Wood & Sound in Cremona, Italy, 15th May 2024

Cremona International Violin making School

At the cutting edge of violin making, the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria is located in the heart of Cremona.



The audience was in rapt attention throughout the masterclass, which highlighted the relationship between wood and sound. To show the impact of the bridge on the sound of the instrument, bridges have been selected at length from a wide range of woods. Two bridges of different woods have been identically carved and will be mounted on the same instrument.

playing both bridges

This is followed by a demonstration by example, as you listen carefully to the two different wooden bridges.


After listening, everyone was able to express their different perceptions. The results were unexpected and surprised all the participants with their very marked variability.

the bridge

The students also had lots of questions about the bridge, which is so discreet yet so important to the sound of the instrument.


Questioning, they discover the many characteristics of wood.


To complete the experience, a second part is dedicated to practical work.


Each student selects two different types of wood from around thirty blanks.


Once chosen, the two blanks will be cut into the same bridge model.
And the two bridges will produce two distinct sounds.


Thanks to this day, these final-year students were able to hear the importance of the choice of bridge for the finalisation of their creations. It will also enable them to respond even more precisely to the expectations of the musicians who entrust their precious instruments to them.


The Cremona International Violin making School: