Music China, Shanghai, China, 11th - 14th October 2023

Despiau Chevalets in Shanghai
The Shanghai show was well attended by its public and exhibitors,
with a great deal of enthusiasm and interest.


business is on the move
What a pleasure it was to meet up again!
Chinese luthiers were no less demanding than at the last edition:
growth years, medullary rays, wood, nothing escaped their eye for detail.


The great choice
The demand for quality to improve the sound of their most beautiful instruments
meant that our finest bridges,
those with the three-tree stamp, accounted for the majority of their requests.


Demand for quality
We met customers from all over the world:
The United States, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, England, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.
The world of music was well represented in Shanghai,
a testament to the indefectible link between peoples.

J. Ahn

An excellent moment with Mr. AHN from J-AHN Company (Korea)


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