Musicians who care sharing on Despiau Planet

If not working, video is also available here:

00:00 #1- The birth of a forest friendly bridge by Olivier Pérot, luthier co-founder of Alliance.
01:03 #2 - Why Despiau Planet by Yoko Yachi, Violinmaker in Cremona, Italy. Gold medalist of the 2007 Consorso di Pisogne.
01:56 #3 - Why Despiau Planet by Dušan Kostić, Principal bass at Orchestre National de Cannes, France.
02:41 #4 - Why Despiau Planet by Guido Mariotto Luthier in Mantova, Italy. Gold medalist of the 2021 Triennale.
03:10 #5 - Why Despiau Planet by Bettina Sandner Alois Sandner e.K. Bubenreuth, Germany. Despiau Chevalets distributor.