My Despiau, My choice

  • A bridge sorting service in a selection case with a choice of either:

- 20 ••• violin bridges
- 12 ••• viola bridges
- 8 ••• cello bridges.

My Despiau cases

My Despiau rack

  • To meet, in the best way possible, the various needs of your instruments, these cases offer the possibility to choose among several preselected wood densities or different models, leg widths, heart positions and qualities.

The bridges are carefully stored in a functional selection case on a custom-built tray for optimum protection in shipment.

  • Take your time to look at and assess the bridges which fully meet your expectations. Keep the ones you prefer.

My Despiau selection

Rediscover the pleasure of sorting your own bridges with our selection case delivered directly to your door.


Your requirements as a luthier remain at the heart of our everyday work, nothing replaces your expert eye and your choice.

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