Presentation at the Shanghai school of instrument making.

Shanghai school of instrument makingOur presentation at the school of instrument making located within the Shanghai conservatory gathered an audience of young students and master instrument makers who all shared the same curiosity to discover the Despiau story as well as our vision regarding the bridge. There is so much to explain about this piece, small in size but so important by its technicality. The audience gave us a very warm welcome, the discussions were meaningful and technical in particular when we addressed the part of the bridge when it is closest to the instrument maker.

Presentation for students

We will keep a very good memory of the time spent in this beautiful conservatory perfectly fitting in the old French concession and which also host a splendid opera house at the disposal of the students, proof if it were necessary of the high-quality ambitions of the teaching provided there.

Prof. HUA, Tianreng
Prof. HUA, Tianreng, ex-Vice President, Shanghai conservatory of music